Food blogging: Apple-Chicken-Potato-Kale Soup

Yes, I do really need to come up with a better name for the soup.

Photo by K.Barnes
Photo by K.Barnes

It’s a variation of the fantastic soup recipe that the Toronto Star’s Jennifer Bain breaks down here and in the Toronto Star Cookbook (worth the purchase).  The soup is one of my favourite recipes in the cookbook, but I thought it might be fun to try out a few variations

I generally follow Bain’s recipe, except today I made a couple small changes:

  • 1 full cup of apple juice, replacing some of the broth (short on broth)
  • Corridor Sausage’s Vietnamese Chicken Sausage (Detroit, I miss your food!)
  • a few slices of ginger, to season the broth
  • a teaspoon-ish of Chili Garlic Sauce in the broth
  • roast the potatoes, onions and garlic in the oven, because I’m lazy; I also leave the skin on the potatoes
  • about half a can of corn (leftover from yesterday)

The soup still looks the same as Bain’s recipe, but it tastes a fair bit different. Either way, both soups are very tasty, and this gives me something to do on my days off.