Goodbye, Radio Humber…

After 35 live @Humber shows, one evening special, numerous newscasts and many more adventures, my tenure in Advanced Radio is over. As a recap of the semester, here’s some of the bigger moments.

Most fun story: Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Best Chase:  Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Ward 10, after Mayor Ford admitted earlier that day to using cocaine

Hardest story to cover: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Most nostalgic interview: Dave Feschuk on his and Michael Grange’s new book on Steve Nash

Most moving interview (tie): White Ribbon with Jeff Perara NWAC President Michele Audette after UN Special Rapporteur’s visit Remembrance Day interview with Anna Rijk (Dutch Embassy in Ottawa)

Best Indigenous Word of the Day:

Best reaction from my classmates:

Radio was fun, but I’m looking forward to TV next semester!


Let’s talk about sports heroes…

Growing up in a mildly sports-crazed family, it’s only natural that my heroes were athletes.

Basketball players in particular. My dad coached basketball and I grew up loving and playing the game. It also might have helped that our family’s hockey team was playing less than optimally during the 90s, so we turned to our team, the Chicago Bulls, for hope.

And were we ever lucky to have Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.

As I got a older, another player stood out to me. He was a point guard, like I was. He could sink a free throw with ease, drop a dime without seeing the shooter and he outfoxed just about any player on the court. I loved his play so much that I chose to wear his #13 for my varsity jersey.


Yeah, I love this unlikely star of professional basketball. It’s no wonder that I wanted to learn more about the new biography “Steve Nash: The Unlikely Ascent of a Superstar“, released today and penned by Toronto Star sports writer Dave Feschuk and Sportsnet reporter Michael Grange. I was able to have a quick chat with Feschuk for @Humber on the book and Steve Nash, and just in time for the start of the NBA regular season. Take a listen and find out why this book is next on my reading list.